Mass Notification

Emergency Messages

Time-critical and directed primarily at the people involved.  In the event of unanticipated crisis, it is critical to provide emergency information to potentially affected people in the first few minutes.  This is the time which has the greatest potential for saving lives.


  • “The dam has burst; immediately evacuate to higher ground”.
  • A gunman is reported firing shots outside the library, immediately take cover and avoid the area”.


Alert Messages

Emergency help buttons with override.  Less time critical but still important and usually distributed to a large number of people; both on and off campus.


  • “The river is expected to exceed flood stage by 2:00 PM and crest by 8:00 PM, take appropriate action”.
  • “A fire is reported in the Miller Building, please avoid the area to allow Emergency vehicles free access to the area”.


Information Messages

Not time critical messages to both people immediately involved and not directly involved.


  • “At 8:30 A.M., the campus experienced an explosion in the chemistry building. There were two people who received superficial injuries; subsequently were treated and released. There were no serious injuries and minimal damage to the facility. Classes will continue on schedule, however, students may be directed to alternate rooms. Check our website for further details”.


Use What You Already Have
Start by integrating all of your existing communication assets and service providers by tying them all together to form a unified mass notification system.

Valcom’s eLaunch makes it easy to integrate existing disparate subsystems together to form one comprehensive Mass Notification System. Within seconds, one operator can initiate and launch messages to all subsystems without having to deal individually with each subsystem as is presently required.

Your total system assessment may indicate that some communication gaps exist. Valcom’s eLaunch allows you to future-proof your system with easy addition and integration of new subsystems to fill in gaps and/or take advantage of future technologies.  Your system should have multiple modes of communication for each category of messages to insure coverage to virtually all anticipated end user circumstances and sub systems should be inherently overlapping.


It’s About Saving Lives

Mass Notification is one of the highest priorities on educational campuses. The objective is to quickly, accurately, reliably and cost effectively deliver Emergency Messages to large numbers of people involved; i.e., on campus. All messages are not equal!

Valcom’s Mass Notification Solution unifies all your existing – or new – disparate subsystems into a cohesive Mass Notification System!