Digital Signage – What Is It & Why Do I Need It?

Digital signage refers to the digital displays that are used to inform and to persuade people. The popularity of digital signage has increased all over the world over the past few years. Almost every institution and business today wants to take advantage of digital signage, from government institutions to colleges and corporations. This is obviously because of the many benefits of this affordable and easy to use technology.

Digital signage systems can be used in many ways. It can be used to welcome visitors, to tell employs of a company what they are required to do at a given time, show meeting schedules and other things. Digital signage goes far beyond the creation of large displays. It can be used to turn anything with a screen into a digital sign.


Do you need digital signage?

If you communicate with people regularly and you want to deliver your messages effectively, digital signage provides a very helpful way for to you to do it. This is because it will help you get the attention of your target audience very easily. The use of smartphones, computers and TVs has trained people to be on the lookout for screens to get information. That is why people will always notice the digital displays very easily. Digital signage is so much better than using posters, emails and bulletin boards. Here are some reasons why you should choose it as your preferred mode of communication:


1. It will help you deliver news in real time

You can easily deliver real time news using digital signage systems. This is because you don’t have to do much to change what the screens are displaying. Unlike posters and bulletin boards, you don’t have to make new prints and take them out when there is any new development. This is makes digital signage perfect for delivering developing news to your audiences.


2. You can display multiple things at once on a screen

Digital signage systems give you the power to publish as many things as you want on the screen at the same time. This makes it possible for you to display several messages that are relevant to your target audiences at a particular time.


3. You can change what the screens display throughout the day

Digital signage will allow you to advertise or inform people about different things at different times of the day. Therefore, you can always use it to display messages or advertisements that are most relevant to your audiences at a particular time.


4. It is cheaper than printing if you have a big audience

If you are targeting a big audience, using digital signage systems will be so much cheaper than communicating to your audiences using print media. This is because once the signage system has been installed; you will not incur any further costs when you want to display a different message. When you decide to use print on the other hand, you will always be required to pay for all the cost associated with printing to deliver a new message. The printing papers, ink and labor can be very expensive when you are targeting a large audience.


5. It gives you the opportunity to go green

If you are keen about protecting the environment, you should choose digital signage because it will help to prevent the cutting down of tree to make more printing papers.

Digital signage will not only help you to inform and engage your audience, but it will also help you to deliver your messages instantly and reliably. It allows for creative presentations that help to ensure that your messages are delivered in the best way possible. It is a modern way of communication that will make the information that you want to deliver to your audience informative and compelling.


Types of content that you can show using digital signage systems

There so many types of content that you can display using digital signs. These include text, graphics, power point, video, weather updates, news, stock updates, event schedules, alert notifications, survey polls, cable feeds,, social media feeds etc. You are not limited to certain types of content when you decide to switch to digital signage. You can use as many displays as you want to ensure that your messages reach the people that you are targeting. Using digital signage systems is the best way of keeping you communication fresh.


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