Audio / Video Sound Systems for Churches, Theaters, & Auditoriums

Whether it’s to project a presentation to an audience in an auditorium, to view an inspiring movie in the church, or it’s to help enhance the sound and quality of the children in the school play, high quality audio and video systems play a critical role. Nowadays, more classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms and churches are being outfitted with AV systems to help dramatically improve the quality of presentations and plays. Additionally, simple speaker systems and projectors are no longer sufficient – instead multifunctional systems featuring multiple screens, intelligently wired sound systems, and wireless capabilities are favored for a convenient and efficient use.

Audio Systems
Many older audio systems are being upgraded and replaced simply because technology has changed so dramatically over the past few years. Now, advancements and new installation methods have allowed for high sound quality without the obnoxious echoes and flutters that are often the trademarks of a low quality system.

Audio systems can include the following:

  • Portable or fixed sound systems
  • Intercoms or tannoy system for indoor and outdoor communications
  • Music systems or hearing assist systems

These audio systems can be installed in any type of environment allow for effective communication and sound quality despite the room size, room design, or seating arrangements.

Video Systems
Old school projection systems have been replaced by multifunctional screens, multimedia projection systems, and wireless video options. These can be installed in any size for any room. Whether it’s a church looking to project the song lyrics for the choir, or it’s a CEO attempting to give a presentation to the company in the auditorium, a high quality video system will help allow the entire audience to enjoy the visuals in outstanding clarity.

Quality AV System Design and Installation
Our company has been in business many years, and throughout our operation we’ve gained valuable experience that dramatically enhances the quality of our systems. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach that many audio and video installation companies take, we look at all aspects of a project and design something that will suit both the room and the audience.

Any space, any place
Whether you’re looking to outfit a small meeting room with a simple video projection system, or you’re looking for a large outdoor arena to be fitted with a fixed sound system, we can handle it! Our expertly staffed team can design and install the perfect AV system for the job no matter how big or small it is.

Despite misconceptions, setting up an audio or video system in a church requires an immense amount of experience and knowledge. Many older churches feature pillars and hard surfaces throughout their sanctuary making it difficult for true sound quality to be achieved thanks to sound reverberation. Instead of installing a simple sound system, it’s imperative to work with a delayed speaker system set up at multiple points to allow the audience a very high quality listening experience that is both pleasing to the ears and realistic.

Older sound systems often projected simply from two points at the front of auditoriums. This meant that anyone in the first few rows was able to adequately understand the audio, however anyone near the back rows was often left dazed and confused s they attempted to interpret what was being said. Fortunately times have changed and companies such as ours have learned to utilize the large space of auditoriums to their advantage. Whether it’s tiered seating, all on one level plain, or even if the seating and room is arranged in some obscure way, we can design a unique AV system that will project the sound and allow every member of the audience to experience the audio and video in the same clarity.

Due to the function of a theater, it’s imperative that it has unparalleled sound quality throughout. Ensuring that every seat in the audience is able to enjoy the pure sound coming from the speakers around them will dramatically boost the overall effect of any play or musical onstage. Additionally, full sound from multiple sides will immerse each audience member into the scenes and allow them to enjoy what’s on stage to the fullest capacity!

Additionally, our team will ensure that the aesthetic appeal of the theater is not compromised by unsightly wires, large speakers, or bulky control systems. Instead, each piece of the sound and/or video system will be discreetly integrated into the current room design allowing for beautiful sound without marring the visual effects!

Often smaller in size, boardrooms are designed for a multifunctional use and need to be highly equipped to deliver presentations of any kind. With our experienced AV installation company, we can integrate a myriad of high tech equipment into the board room for multimedia presentations, wireless video options, and stunning projection systems! Dazzle meeting members and deliver your presentations in a modern way that will truly capture your audience with our intelligently designed systems.


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