How to choose the right audio video and lighting systems integrator

It’s time to ask a lot of questions and interview integrators. You will be spending other people’s money and this is the time to get it right the first time. I see a lot of facilities trying to fix the last integrators mistakes, but once the design is flawed, it’s sometimes costly to fix.

You may think you don’t have the technical knowledge to ask the proper questions. Not so. Let’s start with the basics.

*How long has your company been in business? Time is a great question. If they’ve been in business a long time, it’s a good indication they will be around to service their work.

* How long has their representative been working in this industry?

These are important questions: a company can be in business for a long time, but their representative may not have the experience you’re looking for. Have him discuss his background and how he came to have his position with the company. Don’t feel uncomfortable to ask for a history on the company and a resume from the representative.

*Can you supply me a list of reference? When you do receive the list call a few. Maybe visit to look at the completed systems and discuss the facilities experience with the installation company.

* How long will it take for you to get back to me with a quote? This helps to determine the responsibility of their representative and may indicate not receiving an on time quote of what the future may hold.

* Where can we see similar systems​? This is a valuable asset to see, hear and use comparable systems.

* Is your company a direct dealer for the manufacture’s equipment you’re recommending? If they’re not, you may not get a quick and resolved issue at a later date for warranty repair.

* Will someone attend first use of the system? This indicates the company cares to make sure all goes well – that they are your representative making sure you look good for choosing them and that all are happy.

* What kind of training can we expect? Training is important and the amount of training needs to be specified up front. Also, when the training will take place​​?

* Will you video the training for future reference? Great idea.

* What is the turnaround time for your service department to respond to a service call? You want to make sure if you’re doing business and spending other people’s money that they will respond after the system Installation is complete.

* What’s is the cost of your service calls? Good to know this ahead of time. Is the travel time cost included? Have them explain in detail the process.

You may ask your technical question to see how knowledgeable the company is.

Make a list of your additional questions and have them present when you to talk to the systems integrator.

Good Luck and Have Great Day.

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